Kevin Juma


Dr. Sara Atkinson

Kevin Juma holds a degree in BSc Nutrition and Dietetics from The Technical University of Kenya. He is currently an IDeaL Post graduate diploma fellow undertaking a course on Health Research Methods.

Prior to joining PGD, Kevin was a research assistant at KEMRI Centre for Traditional Medicine and Drug Research doing a study on the use of complementary and alternative medicine by prostate cancer patients in selected hospitals. He has also volunteered at the Masomo Mashinani Foundation (Education At Grassroots), a community initiative which helps young primary school pupils incorporate their talents and interests in school work while maximizing their learning and creativity skills.

He is interested in diagnosis and management of malnutrition.  His current research work is on iron dysregulation and protein energy malnutrition, investigating the effects of malnutrition on iron homeostasis and susceptibility to bacterial infections. Malnutrition is still a public health burden in many developing countries and this study will have an impact on public health policy for the management of malnutrition.