Basil Okola


Dr. Emelda Okiro

I have a background in Applied Statistics with an interest to specialize in medical statistics/biostatistics. I am currently pursuing my post-graduate diploma in health research methods at Pwani University, sponsored by IDEAL (Initiative to Develop African Research Leaders) under Kemri-Wellcome Trust and other collaborating sponsors. My project is entitled: A review of the structure and function of vital registration system in Kenya: towards improvement in mortality data quality for health policy analysis. I will be assessing the status of Kenya’s Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) system in terms of coverage and completeness of birth and death records. I believe my work will cover the literature gap on Kenya’s CRVS in terms of describing the system as at the moment by reviewing activities, policies and improvements that have been initiated to develop the CRVS system and assessing levels of completeness of coverage by age group and county.