Dr. Charles Sande

Current Students

Jacqueline Waeni Joy Kabagenyi Githuka Alfred Mburu

Past Students

Jacqueline Waeni John Mutua Timothy Chege

I’m interested in applying modern systems tools to identify biomarkers of life-threatening infections in infants. Our studies are underpinned by a well-established demographic and health surveillance system that integrates comprehensive clinical, laboratory and demographic data for all infants who are admitted to hospital with severe infections as well as those with relatively mild infections. Using samples (nasal secretions, PBMC, serum and whole blood tempus RNA samples) collected from infants presenting with a broad spectrum of disease severity – ranging from life-threatening to mild infections – we employ a broad range of systems biology approaches – including proteomics, transcriptomics, metagenomics and systems serology – to identify biomarkers of life-threatening severe disease in infants.