School Leavers’ Attachee Visits London: Her Experience

September 26, 2017

I got to know about London International Youth Science Forum during my 3-month attachment at KEMRI – Wellcome Trust which was supported by the Initiative to Develop African Research Leaders (IDeAL). We were asked to write an essay on what we think we will gain after attending LIYSF. Our supervisors went through our essays and mine was the best. I then had to write another essay to Young Scientists for Africa (YoSA) on the reasons why I am interest in science.

I receive the news of my selection to attend the conference with great jubilation. This was my chance to meet young people who are very enthusiastic about science like I was. It was also the first time I was going to visit London. I could not wait to learn the cultures of different places, share my knowledge and most of all learn from people from different countries.

Even with all that excitement I had my own fears. I was scared because I was going to spend two weeks of my life very far from home in a place where I knew no one. I also wondered who I was going to talk to since I had no friends. What if people ask about me? What if everyone else was going to be brighter than me? I kept on asking myself all these questions.

What I loved most about the lectures is that we all had a chance to choose which lecture we wanted to attend. This gave us a chance to specifically learn about areas we are interested in.

Some of the lectures I attended include:

  1. Improving the Outcome of Autism Worldwide by Jonathan Green
  2. Sports Science – London Metropolitan University
  3. Electronics Laboratory – Kent University
  4. Bits and Pieces (Secrets of The Digital World) – James Crime
  5. Cyber Security – Dr Jason Nurse
  6. Vision Impossible – Professor Sir Colin Blakemore
  7. Helping One Do Research in Science Right Now

What even humbled me even more was when I was given the chance to do a presentation in an auditorium filled to the capacity of 1,200 students. I started by introducing myself and the School Leavers Attachment Scheme at KEMRI – Wellcome Trust as well the YoSA Programme. They were fascinated by the Scheme as well as the work that YoSA is doing in giving most African students be part of Global conversations.

What I gained from my YoSA Sponsored visit to the LIYSF

  1. I gained knowledge in different fields of science which helped me realize that everyone can make a difference in the world; and that all they have to do is to set their mind to it. More than ever I want to be part of making lives better starting with my community.
  2. I got the chance to network with people from different countries hence I know we can easily help each other out in case of anything.
  3. I made friends from different continents that I intend to keep for life.
  4. I got the chance to learn about different culture and traditions of other places through friends I made at LIYSF.
  5. My confidence increased by sharing ideas with other participants, making of friends, performing in front of people at the International Cabaret and the Tradition of Homes.
  6. I got the chance to visit London something I never even thought would ever happen in my life. I visited different places I only saw in movies and some that I never knew existed at all.


A big thank you to the following who made my trip a success

Young Scientists for Africa

Clare Elwell

Tim Rooke

KEMRI – Wellcome Trust/Initiative to Develop Young African Leaders (IDeAL)

Dr Sam Kinyajui

KEMRI – Wellcome Trust/Schools Engagement Team

Dr. Alun Davies

Betty Yeri

Nancy Mbeyu

Grace Mwango

Youth International Science Forum

Richard Myhill