Researchers and Data Professionals Attend 5 day Data Management Training in Kilifi

June 25, 2019

28 researchers, doctoral students and data managers drawn from Tackling Infection to Benefit Africa (TIBA) partner institutions across Africa are currently undertaking a Research Data Management course at the KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Kilifi, Kenya.

The course started on the 24 June 2019 and will run for five days till the 28th of June 2019.

The need for the course is informed by the increasing requirement by funding agencies, journals, and other stakeholders for researchers to archive and share data in a manner that promotes open scientific enquiry. It is therefore vital for researchers and information professionals in TIBA partner institutions to acquire the data management and curation knowledge and skills that support the long-term preservation, access, and reuse of data in an ethical manner.

By the end of the course, the participants will be familiar with the basic aspects of research data management and sharing. The course will give them a deeper understanding of the diversity and management needs of research data across the data lifecycle and enable them to identify components of good data management plans.

Participants will also be exposed to best practices for working with data including the organization, documentation, storage, security of data and the ethics of data sharing and access.

Besides imparting data management skills, the workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to interact with other data managers from across the TIBA network and explore the potential for new collaborations.

Dr. Sam Kinyanjui the Head of Training and Capacity Building KWTRP and the TIBA, Kenya Principal investigator while welcoming the participants noted that Kilifi is a beautiful town. “So as you engage with the training don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful seaside ambience that we offer!” he added.