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Wellcome Trust PhD Programme

October 31, 2019


Application deadline: Tuesday 14 January 2020

Studentship commencement date: 1 October 2020

Annual stipend (2020/21 rate): £19,919

The Integrative Infection Biology – Mechanisms and Control of Disease programme is now accepting applications for 2020 entry. The entry requirements and how to apply visit:


The Wellcome Trust – Integrative Infection Biology programme combines scientific excellence with a commitment to improving the working environment and transition support for trainees.

We commit to being part of an evolving community of practitioners who will develop and share practice to bring science and culture together, placing both firmly at the heart of what we do.

Infectious diseases shaped human evolution and pose formidable, complex challenges to global health. These can only be addressed by the imaginative and multidisciplinary approaches encapsulated through Integrated Infection Biology.

Our PhD programme sets out to equip the next generation of innovative world-class researchers with cutting-edge concepts and technologies, inspiring them to apply their skills to tackle the challenges of infectious diseases.

We offer excellent PhD projects that build synergistic collaborations across the University of Glasgow and our international partners.

Our aim is to give all students an exceptional experience, driving them to build their careers with the ability, confidence and integrity to make transformative contributions to global health. Our principles are promoting inquisitive and rigorous science, imparting technological and analytical skills, and reinforcing personal wellbeing.

The programme will develop ‘Scientists without Boundaries’, instilling into each student the full range of scientific and generic skills required for success, to gain ambition and confidence as researchers, and to promote self-development as the modus vivendi for lifelong careers. Our development programme is based on the Vitae Framework.

The programme is structured with a 6-month introductory period, a 3.5-year PhD project, followed by a novel ‘PhD Plus’ phase, which offers support beyond the PhD degree award.

This structure aligns to the key phases of student growth: FoundationDevelopment; and Maturation before Graduation and career Launch.

The introductory phase exposes students to a range of courses (Timetable) and rotation laboratory projects, prior to PhD project selection.