Is it possible to win online money?

April 11, 2017

Many players, especially beginners are very concerned about this issue. And the answer is simple-Yes, to win really. It depends on what percentage of return exists in a particular game and the casino as a whole. If this figure is more than 95 percent-it is definitely possible to win.

In fact, in large and well-known institutions, this figure is even higher and is about 97-98 percent. In other words, the casino gives back so much of the total amount spent by players. And the remaining 2-3 percent will be the income of the casino, because it is a commercial organization. Accordingly, the more visitors play in the casino, the greater the income of the institution. Therefore, each portal offers its participants a variety of attractive promotions, bonuses. And this is not a fraud, as the possibility of winning is equal to all.

From the player’s Deposit, only a few percent will go to the Treasury of the institution itself, regardless of the results of the game. And if you lose, the player’s funds will be a win for another person.The situation is similar with the winnings themselves. The player wins not from the casino, but from the General Fund, which is replenished by the players themselves. All those who play for real money replenish this Fund and only a small part of the Deposit goes to the casino itself. A 97-98 percent is the sum of all deposits or funds of players that are securely protected.

It should be noted that the winnings are distributed by the random number generator. It is impossible to falsify its data, as this program is controlled by independent audit companies and special algorithms. If fortune favors a person, then, for example, even with a bet of $ 20, you can win even a million. And if on the contrary it will be followed by a loss.

Based on practice, the following pattern can be traced: a larger Deposit allows you to get more chances of winning. And those who will constantly play must sooner or later get your big win, thanks to the random number generator. Moreover, there are even people who are lucky almost constantly. The main thing is to play in a proven and reliable institutions.

It is clear that if you visit a casino that operates illegally, without documents, the chances of winning are minimal. Why? Yes, because such places are visited by fewer players and the monetary Fund will be relatively small. And the owner of this casino will want to make a profit.

Therefore, to win in a virtual institution is quite possible, it is important to choose only the right platform for the game.