Dr. Mercy Atieno, BPharm


Dr. Symon Kariuki Prof. Charles Newton

Mercy graduated with a Bachelors of Pharmacy from Kenyatta University in 2016. During her campus years she developed a passion for research and joined the Research Writing Group of Kenyatta University. As part of the group, she learnt basic concepts of research. She later undertook a study project as part of her undergraduate course to determine the accuracy of splitting tablets of drugs with a narrow therapeutic window; specifically carbamazepine. The report of the study was published online in the Pharmaceutical Journal of Kenya, sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya in 2017.

As a post-graduate diploma student, she is looking to be part of a study that aims to determine the impact anti-epileptic drug blood levels on seizure frequency and status epilepticus across 5 sites in Africa. She will also examine other epilepsy characteristics such as psychosocial consequences of the disease as well as related co-morbidities of epilepsy.

She hopes to pursue a Masters degree in Health Outcomes and Research in future.