Lilian Walala


Dr. James Tuju

I graduated from The University of Nairobi with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Biotechnology.  She is an alumnus of Moi Girl’s School Nairobi. During her time in campus, she got an opportunity to be attached at the Center for Microbiology Research in KEMRI where she was first exposed to research. She did her internship at the National Public Health Laboratories in Nairobi. She hopes to use her expertise in microbiology to improve human health across the globe. Her main interest lies in the area of immunology and molecular biology. Her aim is to be a part of the next frontier of scientists who will come up with an effective vaccine for malaria. Currently she is pursuing a post-graduate diploma at Pwani University and doing a project about a malaria vaccine under the supervision of Dr. Karamoko Niare and Dr. James Tuju at the Kemri-Wellcome Trust Kilifi.