Matano Emmanuel Rumba

My name is Matano Emmanuel and I am doing immunology. I did BSc. Zoology for my undergraduate at Pwani University. I am now in my second year doing MSc. Immunology under the IDeAl studentship scheme. My current study is on understanding the role of Plasmodium falciparum extracellular vesicles (PfEVs) on host immune regulation specifically the role of PfEVs on host immune downregulation as a mechanism for immune evasion by the malaria parasite which has been shown to happen in other infections such as cancer. I am working towards becoming an independent health research scientist who can identify a research problem in health and come up with a solution. I have a strong interest in extracellular vesicles and I look forward to working on the same but with viruses particularly for my PhD. My supervisors are Dr. Abdirahman Abdi and Dr. Cheryl Andisi.