Shaban Mwangi


Dr. Abdirahman Abdi Dr. Joel Ltilitan Bargul Dr. Eunice Nduati

I studied Biochemistry for my undergraduate from Kenyatta University and currently undertaking a Masters course in Biochemistry from JKUAT, Kenya.

I am interested in cellular immunology and more so on immune functions. I am intrigued by how pathogens like the malaria parasite are able to evade/modify the immune system for their own survival in the host. This interest has come through training while on attachment, internship and now Masters at KEMRI-WTRP.

My current MSc research question seeks to find out the effects of secreted extracellular vesicles by malaria parasite (Plasmodium falciparum) on the host immune cells. The information gathered will boost the understanding on parasite-host interactions and on interventions/vaccine development for malaria.

My ultimate goal in life is to contribute in positively transforming the society especially in improving public health through research.