Jane Wangui


Prof. Amina Abubakar

Jane graduated with a Nursing Degree from the University Nairobi. She volunteered for a free medical camp organized by Chamberlain College of Nursing (United States of America) in association with the University of Nairobi in Baba Ndogo in April 2014.She volunteered in Mwingi medical camp in 2015. She has been trained on leadership and career stewardship. She has also served as the praise and worship leader in the Medical School Christian Union from 2015 to 2016.

As a post graduate diploma student, she is currently doing a project, that involves adapting and validating the Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire. This is a tool that will be used to measure how adolescents in Kilifi cope when faced with adverse life experiences. The information will be used to assess their risk in developing mental disorders such as depression. She is interested in working with young people as she believes its attractive and that it allows one to take vicarious satisfaction in their achievements